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Welcome To Our Handcrafted Macrame!!!!


          Here at Pin Handcrafts you will find truly affordable macrame jewelry, home decoration and much more. My name is David. I am dedicated to producing a collection of supurb, unique handcrafted macrame art and pure leather skin Shoes, Wallets, Belts and much more. On these pages you will find that each item, macrame necklaces,ear rings, wall hangings, plant hangers, sandals/Clacks, and more have been specially selected for this site. I have many others to choose from which can be seen at my shows or at Craft Galleries.
Please feel free to contact  me for orders or with any questions or comments.

NB. Please take note that you can make an order for as many as your choices of what you might have felt pleased with.

Hand made Necklace and ear rings

Ear rings 

Our wonderful wallets

Pure Leather/ Skin made shoes.




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